Top Producer rankings Nos. 1-25

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Here they are, the best of the best. The 2020 countdown of the National Mortgage News Top Producers list wraps up, featuring the loan officers ranked 1 to 25.

During 2019, mortgage originators started the year concerned about attracting new business. By year’s end, they were tallying up the first collective $2 trillion year since 2012.

The strength of that market is seen in this year's Top Producer results. This year, the No. 400 originator produced nearly $35 million; a year ago, the loan officer ranked 300th did $30 million. That momentum carried into the first couple of months of 2020, but with so much of the economy in shutdown mode, it’s impossible to predict with certainty what the year will bring - at least in terms of volume.

Beyond volume, some significant trends are taking shape. And in an effort to understand how these outstanding performers view those trends, participants in the program were polled on key industry issues. This year’s questions probed how artificial intelligence is affecting respondents’ jobs, what client needs are not being met by the market and how these professionals strive to move the customer conversation beyond just a comparison of interest rates.

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the Top Producers program. The rankings are open to mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers who work at depository, nonbank and mortgage brokerage firms in the United States.

Be sure to visit for complete Top Producers content, including additional rankings based on regions and loan product type, as well as data and analysis gleaned from insights the loan officers provided about key market developments, business practices and career priorities.

You’ll also get their views on key industry trends in technology, thoughts on business strategy and insights gleaned from working with consumers on the transaction that, for many, will be the biggest they ever undertake.

Meanwhile, check out those ranked between numbers 26 and 100 here, numbers 101 and 200 here, numbers 201 and 300 here and between 301 and 400 here.

Rank Name Company Dollar volume Number of loans
1 Brian Minkow Homebridge Financial Services $450,287,058 804
2 Chris Gallo NJ Lenders Corp $346,614,793 838
3 Roberto Espinoza $335,636,375 997
4 Ryan Shane Sammamish Mortgage $324,401,035 837
5 Max Leaman LoanPeople $316,491,755 990
6 Michael Rodriguez Platinum Capital Mortgage $287,769,349 528
7 Jennifer Tsang $281,587,192 807
8 Anthony Musante PNC Bank $277,680,145 313
9 Umar Gebril Academy Mortgage $268,000,000 455
10 Jennifer Sze Tho $262,678,643 806
11 Jonathan Casimir $260,606,926 599
12 Robby Oakes Corporate Investors Mortgage Group $251,167,985 794
13 Kory Kavanewsky CMG Mortgage $248,986,635 477
14 Shashank Shekhar Arcus Lending $235,383,157 617
15 Matt Andre FBC Mortgage $231,960,067 858
16 Reginald Maddox McLean Mortgage $227,305,632 552
17 Craig Stelzer CrossCountry Mortgage $226,184,036 701
18 Erik Peterson $225,586,288 414
19 Stephanie Amora $223,946,134 670
20 Chris Furie Insignia Mortgage $215,512,850 100
21 Damon Germanides Insignia Mortgage $212,963,375 112
22 Michael Borodinsky Caliber Home Loans $209,900,000 646
23 Elijah Hu $205,410,788 585
24 Jacob Ragusa $194,943,775 615
25 Ryan Grant Fairway Mortgage $185,003,874 376

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